Referer header missing from request

When visiting my domain, the user is redirected to a link shortener with ads. After clicking through, the user is to be redirected back to my domain. However, the referer header is not being sent and therefore I cannot validate if they have been through the link shortener. How can I fix this?

The link shortener would have to set the referrer-policy header appropriately:


The Referrer-Policy is fine since it sends the referer when deploying my web app with ngrok.

Since “it” sends the referer? What is it that’s sending the referer, and to where?

The link shortener is sent as the referrer to my website

Your post said:

What exactly is the issue here?

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If there is no referer header, I cannot determine if they have went through the link shortener before visiting my website

Right, but you said:

It sounds like there is a referrer header being sent.

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That should be the expected outcome. However, the referer header is omitted.

In that case, you’ll have to take this up with the Link Shortening service:

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It’s not a problem with them. I am aware of another website that also checks the referer to verify the user has gone through the link shortener, works perfectly. The same outcome can be reciprocated for me, but only when hosting my web app with ngrok, not exposing my web server over the internet.

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