Redundant inputs

I’d like to request the ability to have multiple Stream inputs for redundancy. In professional live production it is common practice to have multiple encoders on site using different ISPs. For example, the primary encoder would be operating on the primary wired Internet and the backup might be on bonded cellular. I had a previous job that used IBM video, and on that platform you could have as many redundant inputs as you had channels, so basically as many redundant inputs as you chose to pay for. This is especially useful when live video infrastructure is on cloud platforms. When building on top of AWS, for example, it is important to have redundant live processing happening in multiple availability zones and even multiple regions. If I can point all of those availability zones and regions to the same Cloudflare Stream using a second, third, fourth etc. fail over input and have Cloudflare‘s regionless infrastructure seamlessly switch to a different input if one fails, that would be amazing and something I’d definitely pay for. Since lots of clients already have their preferred video player, or want to use their YouTube channel which only excepts two inputs, I could put Cloudflare in the middle and have it manage cloud infrastructure failover.