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Hi everyone,

I’ve been working on my website optimiation and I have a huge time to first byte. How can I reduce that?

Website =>
GTMetrix =>


That is only in particular for the redirect to HTTPS. Try doing that via CF, turn on “Always Use HTTPS” in the Crypto Tab. Then often the issue of TTFB is a low powered server or a badly implemented caching behavior.

Implement Cache-Control headers even though in some files they are present and CF’s cache has been hit.

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You should definitely enable “Always Use HTTPS” as @matteo has suggested.

I’ll just add to that that you should always perform speed tests by providing the fully formed URL, including the scheme https://.

If your site is like most sites, chances are most of your visitors will never type in your website address.

They will come in either from a Google search results page, or from some social network sharing. In both cases, your URL should appear with the https:// scheme, if you’ve done your basic SEO correctly.

For that reason, the speed test that will reflect the page load time that most visitors get should be done with the https:// scheme as well, as the redirect will affect bots and a tiny minority of users who type in the website domain on the browser’s address bar.

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Hi everyone,

Thank you so much both for your help.

I have just activated “Always Use HTTPS” and it had a great effect on my time to first byte. There used to be 2 initial requests at the very beginning of my Waterfall chart, now there is only 1 left.

I have followed your recommendation to always make analysis tests on HTTPS links, and here is the result here :

Now since there is still 1 initial request of 705.3 ms that is still there (and it’s still important… almost 1 second), how would you advise me to get rid of that one too ?

Thanks everyone

Basically this. Maybe even a long distance between server and user, speed of light can’t be beaten.

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Dear Matteo,

How could I implement this cache-control headers?
I have already activated all settings in Cloudflare and I’ve also installed WP Rocket and linked them, with the right settings.

I don’t know how I could configure that. Could you help please?


This is an header implemented server-side.

More info:

I read your article, but it’s not providing me step by step how & where to apply for implementing it.
Can you help ?

That is what you need to implement. The how depends on you. It’s not Cloudflare related and it depends on a thousand different factors: OS, web server and version, how it was configured in the first place.

I won’t be able to help you.

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