Reduce server response time


I tested the site on Google Insight and said that the server is slow to respond.
I wonder if CloudFlare interferes with server response time.


Of course Cloudflare “interferes”, after all they are a proxy, however the additional hop usually does not add that much time, respectively even speeds it up depending on the setup. The problem is most likely with your server.


Thnks you. The loading of the site before placing in CloudFlare was 3seconds. Now. Then it turned out to be 6 seconds. I wanted some help with that. Is it in the CloudFlare or Server settings? That is my question.


How should anybody be able to say anything with the details known so far?

Generally speaking, it is quite unlikely it is Cloudflare.


Thanks you.


Can you post the webpage that is slow? Depending on what we see, suggestions can get response time down to 18ms.


Hi, thanks you.
Site is:


It seems pretty fast. 300ms. If you want this faster, you’ll have to cache the HTML either at the server (more control) or at cloudflare with a page rule (faster).


Got it. Thank you.


I returned this call because I can not identify the error. According to these data. The loading time doubled after placing the site in CloudFlare. I would like to know exactly where the error is. I’m not finding.
More than 600ms.


I’ve been baffled by those google graphs as well. Now I pretty much ignore them.


But in the other verification tools also appears high. It’s not just Google. I made several.


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