Reduce server response time problem

I manage about 20 websites on different hosting,
all websites use Cloudflare.
For a couple of days now all websites have had a
Reduce response time altert in GTmetrix and Google Insight scans.
I tried to create the Page Rule https: //domain.tld/ Cache Everything,
but it doesn’t solve the problem.
Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix it?

Caching everything on the proxies will reduce latency, however it can equally create issues, particularly if you have logins, simply because of the nature of caching.

Secondly, even if you cache everything, Cloudflare will still drop resources whenever they expire and the next request will go once more to the origin.

Thirdly, it could be that your server sends headers which prevent Cloudflare from caching in the first place.

Bottom line, do not rely on caching alone but rather make sure your server responds within a reasonable time. Cloudflare can improve performance but it is not a magic one-click thing either that solves all your server issues.

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