Reduce CPU Time

Hello, started using Cloudflare workers [free tier with 10ms cpu time] to host a Nuxt 3 site. At the moment my average cpu time is 33ms and want to know which url’s are taking the most recourses. Is there any logs for each request with the recourse taken?


Unfortunately, as far as I know, the only way to view the CPU time of individual requests is with the Enterprise Logs product. If you do server side rendering, you probably should consider upgrading to Workers Bundled as it will give you 50 ms CPU time per request :slightly_smiling_face:

Also keep in mind that 1 single request can use up to 200ms-500ms on the paid plan without issues, Cloudflare have quite a high margin for “script startup” which sometimes can take up to 500ms (Like parsing a 2MB script). I’d suggest using something like to benchmark your worker, then if you check the worker stats you can see if any of the requests hit the CPU-limit.