Reduce Argo Bill


Can you please share some tips reduce Argo Bill?
It’s kinda expensive for high traffic site.

What I have tried?

  • Blocking some request for certain countries/crawlers/ISP


Argo is, unfortunately, an all or nothing solution. Not many tips that can be shared, short of splitting the Argo-enabled stuff (or the disabled ones) on a separate domain.


Yeah Argo smart routing is all or nothing. The biggest tip that will make a difference is optimize and reduce the size of your largest served assets i.e. images if your site is image heavy. I’ve seen some sites serving multiple 5MB - yes that’s megabyte sized images on a single page so each page served, ended up serving 30-50MB! That would drive up your Argo bill ALOT! I usually keep my average page size below 350-850KB per page including images!

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