Redsys Error ( No trusted certificate found)

Hello good day,

On my woocomerce website they are placing orders through Redsys, these orders are charged but they arrive at wp as pending payment instead of as being processed.

I’ve talked to my host and the plugin developer. Seeing the error tells us that it is a problem with the SSL of the web. We are going to attach the response of the creator of the plugin so that you have more information.

We need an answer to be able to solve the problem.
Thank you so much for everything

Hello, the certificate chain is correct, per Let’s Encrypt guidelines. It’s the ECDSA chain. They need to support it as it’s a common and one used by Cloudflare a lot.

Hello good day,
It is true what he says but it is not happening. Do you have any idea what I can try to fix it?

Hello Matteo Good afternoon,

I have spoken with Redsys support and they have told me that there are errors in the certificate in the notifications No trusted certificate found for Redsys.

I don’t know what we can do to solve it and we have tried everything, we are sure that it has to be due to Cloudflare, if we can’t solve it we will be forced to do without it
We would also like to know if there is another type of support, even if it is paid.

This is not a Cloudflare issue. The certificate is just fine. And SSLLabs (SSL Server Test: (Powered by Qualys SSL Labs)) agrees.

This is assuming the domain which is having issues is the one linked in the support screenshot,

This is an issue with the their certificate trust store, but it’s their system which is not updated, not the other way around.

You can for sure buy the Advanced Certificate Manager, which is a 10$/month option (it’s in the dashboard directly) which allows you to choose DigiCert certificates instead of Let’s Encrypt ones.

You need to upgrade your plan level, I will not escalate this as the issue lies on the other party, unless you can prove me otherwise.

Hi all,

We have the same issue with a Prestashop and in our hosting we have also a LEts Encrypt certificate and everything works but when we activate Cloudflare, the system give us “ No trusted certificate found”

Redsys and our hosting says that this is a problem about the Cloudflare certificate, is it impossible to solve it with the free Cloudflare plan?

Thank you very much

Hello again, I can prove that without Cloudflare everything works butt when I activate Cloudflare I have problems with the certificate, can you support me?


As @matteo said, the problem lies with the certificates that they trust, the one on your site is generally fine and trusted by all the major browsers and vendors.

Let’s Encrypt is very commonly used and should not be an issue - they need to update their certificate trust store.

If you want to workaround the problem for now, this may be an option:

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