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The company that provides my CMS and a lot of the tools for my website has said that they have removed their redirect tool from all the websites they work with. They informed me that this will mean that anyone who visits without entering will get a page not found error.

I have checked my website and the forwarding is still working, which has me confused.

Does Cloudflare provide a redirect tool automatically? How do I check if a third part redirect tool is running on my domain?

I don’t want to assume it’s all fine and then suddenly find that everyone not using www to get to my website can’t.

Thanks for helping out a newbie.

Cloudflare does not do this automatically, but many CMS systems have a canonical URL (www or no-www) and will automatically redirect visitors to the correct URL.

There’s also an option to do this with Cloudflare Page Rules:

Hi sdayman,

That tutorial below contained the information that I needed.

Thanks for linking to it and helping out.

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