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Is there a way to create a page rule to redirect index files to their containing folder? I have some clients on managed WordPress environments (like FlyWheel, WPEngine, etc) who cannot manipulate their .htaccess.

Is there a rule that CF can use to do this?

To be clear, I want to redirect:

All to:

… to avoid duplicates, especially on some folders where it’s difficult to canonicalise.

Thank you.

Give this a try:


Setting: Forwarding URL - 301


Create 2 more page rules for the rest of the index files.

I think the other issue is the passing of parameters or query strings, like:


Or from

I imagine a rule like yours but adding:



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On second thought, that won’t work with index.html, since the last letter would be passed on. I need to add something more specific.

OK, I trying it with two rules, one with .html first and then .htm. Looks like it’s working for now.

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