Redirects -not working


Hopefully and quick and easy question for you.

I have just moved all our domain names over to Cloudflare and was setting up redirects (so that com couk) ect all go to our main website.

I have set them all up going to specific pages on the website - all very easy so far.

However for some reason, some of them are working and some of them are not - I did read somewhere that you have to have traffic go through Cloudflare - however nothing in the setup has changed that I can see - so unsure why it would work for some and not others?


To easily understand what you need, I need to know the following information:
1, You redirect multiple domains and one of them works, while others don’t, correct? If yes, are you sure you have set up for each domain? In order for a domain name to be redirected, there are three MUST-go requirements:

  • The domain name uses Cloudflare’s DNS hosting, check whois the domain name and make sure you have pointed the correct dns of the domain to the nameserver provided by Cloudflare
  • Create at least 2 records for root domain pointing to any IP, and 1 record for www subdomain can be alias of root domain or point to any IP
  • Enable proxified mode for these 2 records to ensure that your web traffic runs through Cloudflare

2, If you mean you are redirecting multiple urls in 1 domain and some of them are not working please also provide an image configuring the rules that it doesn’t work

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