Redirects not working


When we visit the site without https/http and www the site is not loading -
Can you please advise? The site is hosted on Siteground and here is their reply:

There seems to be a redirection loop when the domain has been accessed just as .

However, I accessed the domain using Hosts file, thus bypassing the CloudFlare completely and loading the domain directly from your SiteGround account:

The result was that the website is opening as expected, without the redirection loop:

You can confirm that yourself using Hosts file with the record below:


As I cannot access or check your CloudFlare settings, I cannot advise you on the exact misconfiguration, but the issue is only present when accessing the website trough CloudFlare, so I suggest you address it with their technical support instead.

Hi there,

I believe I was able to replicate your issue and can see that a redirect is happening on this URL -

This is part of a new bot detection system by Siteground - How Our New Anti-Bot AI Prevents Millions of Brute-Force Attacks - SiteGround Blog

Wondering if it would be possible to ask them to disable this service on your domain/server and see if you still run into an issue?

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