Redirects not working no matter what it try!

Preformatted textSome of my page redirects are not working and I need help please!

I have a http → https set up and working, AND the redirect from to works.

However, for my blogs which are all being retitled for SEO reasons, the redirects do not work. example… And these are my DNS settings.

I would massively appreciate any help on this!

Thank you

Do you have any Workers running on the domain?

It looks like you’re using Kajabi for ‘www’. In which case, they most likely control any settings for requests to ‘www’, and your Page Rules will not apply.


Hi @Albert - sorry, I don’t even know what “workers” are!!

So if I set my kajabi domain to thebabyrefluxlady . co . uk and then use Cloudflare to redirect to www. would that solve this? Thank you

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