Redirects Failing, Configuration Ignorance

I am attempting to redirect some subdomains for my business. However, the redirects never resolve properly and if I enable the proxy service for my www subdomain the site goes down citing too many redirects. I seemingly had no configurations for the Origin Server even though the SSL/TLS Encryption Mode was set to Flexible so I set it to Off but this didn’t resolve the repeating redirects issue when proxied. I’ve tried following the Cloudflare examples and instructions but I am just not getting it. Can someone help?

The site is hosted with Google Sites and the links are public. No need for obfuscation.

Current Setup Images

It looks like you are missing a proxied DNS record for, one is needed so that a request can reach Cloudflare to be redirected. You can make a dummy DNS record of AAAA with a value of 100::.

Try full Strict.


Full (strict) seems to have resolved the proxy issues with the root/www domain.
I added the AAAA record and the issues seem resolved. Thank you!

I’ll need to create a dummy AAAA record for every subdomain redirect I want to make? That seems wildly convoluted. There must be a better way to do this as creating subdomain redirects is so simple at everything other registrar.

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I’m not aware of a better way. You can use Bulk Redirects to manage the list of redirects easier but you do still need to create a DNS record for each subdomain.


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