Redirects and Page Rules Problems

Hi, I have a kinda unique situation that I am trying to get working. I have my website and this is my landing page. Then, any links with slugs, I have go through a link shortener, so I can easily manage the links, instead of making new webpages for each one (I have links going to things like Notion pages).

So, as of now, here is my DNS setup, where:

  1. I have my www going to the hosting provider (this is the way they need it set up, I am using SwipePages).
  2. I have my shortlink provider using the subdomain “link”

I have a few page rules set up, but when I try to use them, they either half work or they get caught in a re-direct loop. What I mean is, when I have the rules set, theoretically, when I try to go to “” or “” - either should forward to “ actors”. On my shortlink provider’s website, I have it set so if there is no shortlink available, it goes to

The problem that I am experiencing is that with my current setup:

  1. When I go to, it works correctly, it forwards to the
  2. When I go to, it works correctly and goes to $1
  3. But, when I try to go to, it does not work and gives me a redirect loop or messes everything up and nothing works.

Any advice would be great. All I want is for:

  1. both and to go to
  2. for both /* and* to go to /$1

Thanks in advance!

I’m not getting that redirect loop, but That CNAME for www needs to be orange clouded for the redirect to take effect.

General troubleshooting | Page Rules · Cloudflare Rules docs.

Hi, I just turned it on and am getting a 404 error when I go to somewhere like - whereas /actors works correctly.