Redirects and # in URL – problem

In Cloudflare Pages file _redirects I have:
/redirectedurl https://domain.tld/#something 307
but Cloudflare make redirect to https://domain.tld/#something#something (doubled #something).

What can I do?

Hello there, I’m sorry to hear that you are experiencing difficulties.

Could you share the full code snippet of this URL redirect?

Also, what are the steps to replicate this issue?

@L.Cardoso – this is the same issue as Cloudflare pages _redirects file does not work with # anchors

If the URL in the _redirects file on Cloudflare Pages contains the # character, it is added twice to the final URL to which it is redirected.

Example _redirects file content:

/toredirect 307

When I enter the I am being redirected to #123 part of URL is doubled.

Expected effect:
When I enter the I am being redirected to URL is correct.

Hello gain, thanks for the details.

Allow me to check the status with my team internally as we are aware of the bug and are already in the process of fixing it.

We’ll keep you posted.