Redirections from http to https, and root domain to other domain don't work

Hi. Can you please tell me why redirection from http to https doesn’t work, and also redirection without www to another domain doesn’t work, but with www everything works perfectly? In SSL/TLS “Always Use HTTPS” is turn on. In DNS records i have: Type A - and www; Type AAAA - and www. In Page Rules: Forwarding URL (Status Code: 302 - Temporary Redirect,

I’m not seeing any problem, with www or without, https or not. It all ends up redirecting to a site under Is that what it’s supposed to do? If so, it’s possible that you have a local cache that is getting in the way and it will start working for you before long.

Hm, okay, thank you. It’s just that it’s been a day and nothing’s working for me. Even from a different browser.

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