Redirection without www

Dear community,

I did notice that when I access hikom without using www, it does not gracefully redirect to my site

could you please help ?


What is your full domain? Do you have a redirect rule setup to redirect www to your apex domain?

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Hello jak,

this is my dns setup on Cloudflare :

What are you using to try and redirect? Do you have a page rule set up?

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It looks like your origin server is set up to respond to www but not to the root domain. This will be fine if you set up a redirect on Cloudflare.

The easiest way to do this using a Page Rule. In the Cloudflare dashboard, click “Rules” and then “Create page rule”. What you want to do is create a rule redirecting the root domain to the www version. I just did this process on a domain that just has a placeholder site (so I don’t care if I break it) to make sure I’m telling you the right thing.

In my example I created a 302 “temporary” redirect. You probably want a “301” permanent redirect. A permanent redirect will be cached by browsers and the CDN so it will be slightly better.

Honestly I think it’s better to take the www version and redirect it to the root domain. The whole “www” thing needs to die in a fire. It exists only for historical reasons. But, that’s my personal crusade. I’m just trying to help you make your thing work the way you want. :slightly_smiling_face:


thanks for your clear explanation, it’s seems to work with the redirection,

thanks a lot for your time and help,


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