Redirection with URL shortener

I am using a URL shortener ( and have set up an A name record for @.

However, I only intend for the URL shortener to operate under as I set up redirects for any requests that come to to go to and any requests that come to to go to However, all requests seem to be going to What am I doing wrong?

Looks like this configuration seems to work OK – a sanity check would be appreciated

Type  Name             Content
----  ---------------  -----------
A     @      

Based on the information you provided, one can only say that does not use Cloudflare nameservers, so none of the settings you referred to will take effect :wink:

Apart from that, what you posted are regular DNS entries and should resolve as such, should the nameserver in question be the authoritative one.

Whether that particular setup will work depends on whether their server is configured for, which I rather doubt, but there is no way of verifying that of course.

As to pointing the naked domain to Cloudflare’s DNS resolver, that wouldn’t make much sense either and you should probably drop that entry altogether if you are not using it. If you want a dummy record for page rules and alike, you better use the address used in the redirection tutorials at Tutorial.

In short, I am afraid your setup will probably make little sense :slight_smile:

@sandro thanks for the reply.

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