Redirection to subdomain issue

Hi all,

A new domain of ours is redirecting to [] a subdomain of it.

We have checked our Cloudflare DNS settings and everything is in order there. We have no page rules impacting this also. Also our nginx configuration and projects’ code doesn’t have any mention of go subdomain.

The subdomain itself was created before the main domain and the subdomain was launched on We have since rolled out our website and noticed this redirect.

We found mention online that clickfunnels has its own Cloudflare SaaS, which could be impacting this.

Appreciate any help.

Check under Redirect Rules (and scroll down to check Bulk redirects as well) here…

You can set the DNS record to “DNS only” to confirm if the redirect still occurs (in which case it is due to your origin server/host) or not (in which case it’s somewhere in your Cloudflare configuration).


Hey there,

At the moment I’m not seeing a redirection occur when I visit your domain, let us know if there’s anything else we can help with.