Redirection to port 80 in some cases instead of 443


When using some actions on my website (like log off or new creating new items), the website redirect me to port 80 instead of 443:

**At this moment, there is an error message. The correct one should be 443. We were trying to solve this issue with my developer, read many articles about the same issue but nothing helped (any changes in Cloudflare setting of security). Right now, we are trying to switch off Cloudfare as this is a serious problem. Most redirections work fine when browsing the website. If you knew the problem, it would be great. **

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Is your website using http:// or https:// in the HTML/JS that causes the redirects?

Cloudflare won’t be changing that for you, other than changing http:// to https:// when using Automatic HTTPS Rewrites.

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Thank you KianNH for your quick response. We have just checked it and it seems everything is alright from this point.

We use https in our website. For our redirects, we do not include the whole URL, just the path like so: . Additionally we use following iptables rules to redirect from port 8080 to 80: iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp --dport 80 -j REDIRECT --to-port 8080`

Do you have an idea where the problem can occur else? Thank you

Sorry, path like a href=“/logout”

Any other ideas or am I supposed to change the provider as this one is not working correctly?

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