Redirection not working

I have a domain which I have proxied via cloudflare. All I want to do it redirect it. However. it is not working

Please see the screenshot of my page rule

Proxy status

Dns Propagation Status

Why is it not redirecting? I don’t have www DNS record it was also pointing to and proxied and still did not work

It is working for me. redirects to (however, a 404 page is shown.)

% curl -sI | grep -e 'HTTP' -e 'Location'
HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently

If it isn’t working in your usual browser, perhaps the non-redirect response is cached. Perhaps try an incognito/private window or a different browser.

Glad it is working for someone, I have tried on my mobile and a new browser :frowning: … I have fixed the 404 problem

Still see 404

This is because there is a ? missing in the URL you are redirecting to. Try not

I have changed it as soon as you told me, but whatever reason, I am unable to see the redirect 404 or otherwise?


That’s probably because ping doesn’t show redirection.

Try using curl

% curl -sI | grep -E '(HTTP|Location)'
HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently
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The redirect is working, as @anon9246926 already demonstrated. The issue here is rather a local one and you are resolving the “wrong” IP address, respectively probably rather a cached earlier one.

Force your resolver to update the address or switch resolver to use the current address. Once you are using the “proper” address, the redirect will be working for you.


Thank you, there is something that is local here for me for sure.

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Right, and that’s the resolver issue.