Redirection ?m=1

Hi… At first I was tinkering with changing ?m=1 to the best version.
but it turns out it can’t be accessed.
then I deleted the domain on cloudflare, but waited 24 hours or Pending.
Will my site return to normal?
or Can’t Be Repaired?

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

What exactly is the problem you are encountering?

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My site :
can it be deleted the DNS?
whereas in DNS there is no such thing anymore?
Thank you for answering.

I don’t understand this, am I the first to encounter this kind of problem?
or Cloudflare which is currently under system repair?
while DNS no longer exists, but is still included.

If any records were deleted, you should see mention of it in your audit logs.

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it’s back to normal. My site

what I do is Pause Cloudflare, I leave it for a few hours.
then I purge anything.
then do it on cloudflare.
and Done.
Thank you to the seniors who have answered.