Redirection issue to home page

my site has redirection issue to homepage,
when I clear the cache from Cloudflare then it works fine, but after sometimes, or couple of hours, its pages start redirection to home page and cannot be visited,
when I purged the cache then it start working properly,

I am also using apo on my site

APO or not, the first visit to your website after Cloudflare cache is purged will be returned from your origin. There must be a redirect set at your origin, which then is cached by Cloudflare. Check your installation for redirections by .htaccess, WordPress itself, or some plugin. I suspect it’s a plugin, as the redirects start after a couple of hours. Visit your site with Dev Tools open on the Network tab (F12), then check for headers with name X-Redirect-By. If available, it may point to the right direction.

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