Redirection Issue not resolved

Dear Support

I have created a CloudFlare account and with the help of my Hosting provider I could successfully move the DNS to the ones provided by CloudFlare. My account was active in Cloudflare but I started to experience problems with a most sensible woocommerce page.

My site, “” this site would invariably derive visitors to Home with a Redirect Call.
This is a huge problem because this site is where My Products are listed, so visitors should be able to access this site.
Even worse: I installed LiteSpeed so I must have made a huge mess in the configuration and I cannot find the way to fix the issue.

I asked for help both within CloudFlare (investigating documentation and blog) and also in my hosting provider, who, unfortunately, was able to replicate the experience at his end. Hosting support said that this issue was most probably due to missconfiguration in CloudFlare or in LIteSpeed

I disabled LiteSpeed and the issue persists

I got pretty messed up in CloudFlare too difficult for me to understand and also to find a Solution so I finally decided to have my web back to the original Netfirms Servers. And I did so again with the help of my Hosting Provider

Now a new problem here as according to both: My CPanel and Whois the website is pointing as expected to Netfirms Servers.

BUT, from my CloudFlare account I can see that is still active in CloudFlare showing CloudFlares DNS

This is pretty confusing as I don´t know where my site finally is located, and if i can work on it.

I don´t know if I am expected to make further movements as :

Pause Cloudflare on Site

Remove Site from Cloudflare

PLEASE NOTICE: I value CloudFlare very much, So, In case there is a solution for this redirection issue, I would so much appreciate your help as I would love to benefit from CloudFlare features

Thank you and Regards


I’m not sure what the problem is. Recorreba works and shows your home page. /tienda/ also works and shows your store.

Are you saying that something is redirecting when it shouldn’t? Or that something is not redirecting, and it should?

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