Redirection from a URL to another website

We want to redirect all traffic to to go to the actual website WE have set up the redirections inside Cloudflare but they don’t work.

The setup inside Cloudflare can be viewed in this screenshot - Image 2021-11-17 at 4.28.50 pm

First things first, you should check your encryption modes and make sure they are set for both domains to Full Strict. Currently they do not seem to be and you have an insecure site.

ok will try that - the re-direction does not work still

But you switched to Full Strict?

just switched both now

Great, now that your site is actually secure make sure at least the records of are proxied (:orange:), otherwise the page rule cannot fire.

Redirecting One Domain to Another has all on that.

You might want to proxy your other domain as well, but that’s not necessary for the redirect.

Shared with CloudApp

Do i point the a record of to the IP of the other website like this

Did you follow the tutorial?

All done - thanks for your help - all working now… Great support!


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