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My site is based on so without the “www” and when I go to DNS checker everything is green with the “www” but everything is red without the “www”.

I’ve been advised to do a bulk redirect and add a DNS A or AAAA record with the name “www”.

However, I already have a DNS record with the name “www”, added to make my domain name work with systemIO.

So when I want to add the A or AAAA, it tells me it’s not possible.

So I’ve tried creating the bulk redirect without doing the recommended “www” registration, and it seems to remain inactive.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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You don’t need a bulk redirect for www → apex. A single redirect will work just fine.

If you plan on using www with systemeIO, you will not be able to use it in a redirect rule. Your systemeIO page currently returns 404. If you want to use it with a redirect, you can simply switch the CNAME for www to :orange: proxied and makes sure that you have your redirect rule active.

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Thank you very much for your reply.

The redirection does indeed work, thank you for your help.

However, when I check on DNS checker, my CNAMEs are red, whether I put the “www” or not.

Do you know how to proceed?

Thanks in advance!

When a CNAME is set to :orange: proxied, it is published as A and AAAA records of the Cloudflare proxy. This means that you will not find a CNAME published. If you must have a CNAME, you can set the record to :grey: DNS Only, but you will lose the features and benefits provided by the Cloudflare proxy, such as redirection.


Knowing that I have CNAMEs on proxy and others on DNS only, am I supposed to pass them all to proxy?

It was systemIO support itself that added the CNAME entries I needed to run email with my domain name. However, this was only possible with the “www”, hence the requested redirection.

So, do I need to pass everything to a proxy? Knowing that the most important thing for me is to have my DNS green with and without “www” on my CNAMEs, which is not the case at the moment.

Thanks in advance!

I don’t know what this means.

I would think having everything working as expected is more important than the colors in a test that may not be sophisticated enough to understand a user case that doesn’t align with their narrow all or nothing ideal.

I also have no idea what systemeIO is supposed to be doing. Clearly it is not serving a web page at www since that comes up 404.

The www has nothing to do with email, and if you switch it to :grey: DNS Only, it will no longer redirect.

The purpose of adding the SystemIO entries (emailing service) was to be able to validate my domain so that I could send emails with my address associated with my domain name.

To answer your question, when I talk about having my DNS in green, I’m talking about DNS Checker. SystemIO recommends checking that the CNAME entries are all green to ensure good deliverability.

I agree with you in principle, but it seems important that the DNS appear green.

So should I proxy all my CNAMEs?

Probably not. I only know about the www CNAME. If you want it to redirect web visitors to your site, you need to keep it :orange:.

If you were given other email related CNAME entries for things like DKIM records, etc, you should keep them :grey: .

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