Redirection based on referrer - When no referrer is set


I am trying to redirect based on HTTP referrer header. What I would like is:

Page A : main page
Page B: Variation

  1. No referrer: Page A
  2. Search engine referrer: Page A
  3. User agent, search engine bot: Page A
  4. Any other referrer (with values, comes form other website links): Page B

I have setup redirection rules as followings.

  1. URI “equals” /page-a
  2. Referrer “does not contain”
  3. Referrer “does not contain”
  4. Referrer “does not contain”
  5. UA “does not contain” GoogleBot
  6. UA “does not contain” BingBot

But I can not set any rules for Referrer doesn’t exists. Any way I can do this? FYI: the site is on Pro.

Just create an “equals” rule with an empty value.