Redirection and DNS records for a Domain with no Host

I own two domains - a .ca and a .com (acquired to prevent domain squatting). A website is associated with the .ca domain, with DNS-only (no proxying) using Cloudflare, and the web host provides SSL, etc.

I want to ensure that any traffic to the .com domain ends up redirected to the .ca domain. I have redirection set up at the account level (bulk redirection rules). However, any time I try to load the .com domain I get a web host 404 error. Clearly, something is not working properly and the domain is trying to resolve to the .ca site’s IP address (which is not supporting that domain, nor providing a SSL certificate for it).

So, what should the DNS records for the .com domain look like and how do I ensure the bulk redirects are actually being applied for any DNS requests? Again, I am clearly missing something even though the support articles seem quite straightforward.


Buenas noches. Para que funcionen las reglas, por lo que entiendo, ambos dominios tienen que estar agregados en su cuenta de Cloudflare, u otra solucion en su preoveedor de hosting agregar una regla de redireccion del .com al .ca

Only the .com domain needs to be added to Cloudflare, then follow this tutorial:

Ah, that did it! Thanks!

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