Redirecting to

I’m trying to redirect to but without any luck.

How do I make this happen?

I have tried:

  • Adding a 301 page rule of www.** with a forwarding URL of https://$$2
  • When the above didn’t work I also tried adding a CNAME of to point to, without success


  • I’ve seen a couple of other similar posts around here but no real solutions.
  • I can confirm my DNS is successfully running through Cloudflare otherwise, and currently forwards to just fine with the above page rule
  • works fine on its own but hangs, resolving in a ’ took too long to respond’ error

Because Cloudflare’s default certificates don’t cover ‘www’ (or anything else) in front of a subdomain, you have two choices:

  1. Make that DNS entry :grey: (DNS Only) and do the redirect at the server.
  2. Order an Advanced Certificate and use a Page Rule for that :orange: sub-subdomain.

OK, thank you @sdayman :slight_smile:

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