Redirecting to the wrong site

Solved. Bluehost WAS the problem.

Are you referring to the CBD site?

I just changed all three A Records to point to, and I get the correct error page from cloudflare.

I think I can rule out cloudflare as the problem.

I just created a new hosting plan at Dreamhost and set up the DNS here. Works beautifully. Another 1-star rating for BlueHost.

The issue was actually not with bluehost, but you had a wrong IP address configured and you also still don’t have a certificate on your new host.

Sandro - Which site are you talking about not having a certificate?

Your site of course. You did not have a certificate before and you don’t have it with your new host.

Are you talking about the CBD dispensary? Because that’s not ours.

No, I am talking about your site.

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