Redirecting to site not in DNS when proxied

I’m on a pro account but have no option to open a support ticket, not sure what I paid for.

getstrio and www.getstrio (both .com)

Both sites are redirecting to a 500 page that simply says “There was a problem loading this website.” I do not know where this came from, Shopify (where site was previously) also is not able to find any reference. The www subdomain is directing back to root and then giving the same error page.

Site was moved to CF today, been having an issue since it started. If I turn off proxy then www stops redirecting and will go to the proper IP setup in DNS. Root always goes to the same error page regardless of proxy or not.

Also, side note, analytics do not show any traffic.

Ticket opened with support.

It’s likely quicker to use this tool, under ‘what if I can’t wait for support’

Attempting to use the tool but not doing anything when I hit the submit button. Validate says Hostname does not exist.

May I ask if you’ve tried both www and non-www (naked) domain using the above mentioned tool? :thinking:

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