Redirecting to same page name without asp extension

Converting our site from dot asp, where all pages have the dot asp extension, to static asp dot net site where pages have same name but no extension. Can do the 301 redirects using one page rule (wildcards?), or with the Bet Bulk Redirects? Can’t find guidance specific to this.

Thank you!

If so, would be like match*.asp → Forwarding URL 301 Redirect to$1.html or what so ever kind of URL path you’d have.

Below tutorials could give you a hend and help you a bit:

Few helpful articles with more information and instructions:

An explanation for difference between them and in which case to use which of those two Cloudflare products:

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Thank you. Redirecting from one file extension to a different one (*.asp to *.html) seems pretty clear. Our site is getting moved from ASP to Angular and Razor Pages and they will not have a file extension. So, exampledotcom/thisfile.asp will now be exampledotcom/thisfile

So going from files with asp extension to same file names, but no extension at all.

I’ve looked over the articles (thank you!) but just can’t grasp how to achieve this.

Suggestions appreciated!