Redirecting to HTTPS not working

When I type it redirects to some TP-Link settings or whatever like this

But if I type then it goes to the website perfectly fine.

Can someone pls tell me how to fix this

Follow this tutorial

Doesn’t work at the start it said to put something in the DNS which I didn’t do so I did and for the page rules I already did that and it is still doing the same thing

The tutorial mentions one rule, not the ones you set up. So delete them and follow the tutorial.

Plus, it’s actually working

$ curl -I
HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently

For me this just shows up when I go to the website and I did the tutorial right

Cache. Try another browser, clear your DNS cache, the usual.

It’s working at as well.

Oh so clearing my DNS cache actually worked. Thanks for helping

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