Redirecting to different domain

I own two versions of my domain - mydomain dot com and The domain is presently running through Cloudflare, with a server side 301 directing the http to the https version of the domain.

Through my DNS provider, I have redirected:

http:// mydomain dot com to https mydomain dot com dot au

However, I am unable to direct the https version through DNS settings as below:

https://www mydomain dot com to https://www mydomain dot com dot au

Is it possible to set this up through Cloudflare?

Yep. See

If you add the domain to Cloudflare, you can set up a page rule like so:

(The $1 means the redirect preserves the directory/path originally typed in)

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Thanks Judge for your reply.

Blockquote If you add the non- .au domain to Cloudflare

Do you mean I add this as a whole new site to my Coudlfare account?

Or rather, do I just update the Nameservers for the .com version of the domain to Cloudflare, and create a new A record for it in my main Cloudflare account?

This :slightly_smiling_face:

Got it, thanks!

And then, from there I add an A record for pointing to our server just as I would for the Following that, I set up the page rules as detailed?

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Yep :+1:

Perfect. I’ve done this though the .com domain isn’t working. Nameservers were only updated 12 hours ago - right to assume there’s just a delay in propagation?

What is the domain?

Domain is running now, I was missing the www record.

Now back to a question with the page rules.

I’ve set it up as below:*

forwards to$1

However, it seems to drop the subpages. How do I get to redirect to instead of


It works OK for me, if I go to .com/page, I am forwarded to

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