Redirecting to a subdomain

I’m having trouble setting up the correct redirect to a subdomain. I have a domain “southmetrochoraleDOTorg” that hosts a website from its public_html folder. In the home/root directory (where public_html lives) I have created another folder called “smcnewDOTsouthmetrochoraleDOTorg”. I put some new html files into this folder.

In Cloudflare DNS page I created an “A record” with name: “smcnew” pointing to "the same IP address as my “soutmetrochoraleDOTorg” A record.

When I try to access smcnewDOTsouthmetrochoraleDOTorg/index.html" I get an error msg “Server not Found. We can’t connect to the server at wwwDOTsmcnewDOTsouthmetrochoraleDOTorg”.

PS: I replaced all periods “.” with the text “DOT” because I got an error msg that the post can only contain 2 links

Any suggestions?

That doesn’t sound like you added the subdomain through your web host. You would have to create that subdomain with its own public_html directory where you can put the files.

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