Redirecting to a subdomain using page rules

Hi there,

I have a domain with Cloudflare “xyz,com” and then a training at “,com/video”

Unfortunately, I have many folks out there who have an old link for “”, and when they click this link it takes them to 404 page of “xyz,com” since there’s nothing there.

Is there a way I can redirect using a page rule so that people clicking “xyz,com/video” will get taken to “,com/video”?

Yes ofc, this requirement can be satisfied by a very simple PageRule called “Forwarding URL”.
Let me show you how to exactly set it up:

So first test this with a statuscode “302” and if it works perfectly just go for a “301” (if you like).
Make sure this is implemented on top (as “First”) as maybe other PageRules would otherwise overwrite it.

Notice: for the URL you will be redirecting to you should always explicitely define the full URL with Scheme (HTTP, or HTTPS) as otherwise additional redirects can happen after your implemented one and it is more precise.

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