Redirecting Root domain to Cloudflare hosted site

Hi there. Am new to Cloudflare and have NO technical webmaster/ developer skills.

Nevertheless, I have constructed my website using Cloudflare and clickfunnels, simply by following a recipe. It all works, thank goodness.

In plain English my site at resolves successfully. So far so good.

However, I would also like (naked domain??) to also resolve/ be redirected to the above site. Is there an idiot’s guide out there for me on how to do this please? I have researched some related topics which leave a newbie like me scratching his head.

Regards to all

Hi @johnhackwood,

We have a Community Tutorials category here with some useful tips like this.

If your domain works when you visit, but not when you just visit, you may want to redirect your root domain to www using a page rule. You can follow this community tutorial on how to do this.

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