Redirecting one CF domain to another

I’ve done what this tutorial (Redirecting One Domain to Another) told me to do. But no luck. Can someone help?

Happy to share my configs.
Please help thanks.

Hey! What is the source domain? What is the destination domain? Could you send a screenshot of the Page Rule you created?

Hey chief. I want the domain I just bought (sparrowstartupS. com) to redirect to sparrowstartup. com.

Cloudflare won’t let me put links… or post screenshots… because I’m a new account… so I’ll do my best.

My DNS settings:
Type: A
Name: sparrowstartupS. com

Type: @
Name: sparrowstartupS. com

And I have two page rules:
Permanent Redirect from www.sparrowstartups. com to www.sparrowstartup. com
Permanent Redirect from www.sparrowstartups. com/* to www.sparrowstartup. com/$1

You’ll want a single Page Rule on ** with a Forwarding URL to https://$$2.

This should result in redirects like this:

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