Redirecting non www to WWW

Hey, I’ve created redirection from non www to www and this is not working. Did I make mistake somewhere?

Hi @media13,

Because your DNS records are :grey:, your site is not proxied through Cloudflare. This means settings such as page rules won’t take effect. You’ll either need to handle the redirect on the origin or proxy the relevant records.

like this?

That’s everything proxied through Cloudflare now, so your redirect should work. You should consider whether all those subdomains should be proxied, though.

In addition to what @domjh already said, you should also fix your encryption mode on Cloudflare as you currently have an insecure one set.


That page rule only matches https (not http) and redirects it to* (asterisk literally).
You should instead do:*$1
The $1 and $2 reference the wildcards.

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