Redirecting name to Etsy store

Hello everyone,
My redirect is not working. I have tried both a “redirect rule” and a “page rule” (see attached.
What is wrong with this?

For a page rule to work, you need to have a DNS record set to :orange: for the domain/subdomain that you want it to trigger for. You can create a record pointing to, a dummy IP address.

You can read more about this in our community tutorial.

Toggle the Archive option on that Tutorial for the explanation for why you need that record. At the moment, it does not appear you have any dns records.

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Awesome. That was a very simple fix and worked!

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Nevermind. Its only working on my desktop and for nobody else.

Can you share the name of the domain? And, can you try on mobile to see if that is working for you?

I figured out its working if i type in the but not if i put in

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That probably means you don’t have a dns record called www. You can either add a www record or you can use a page rule to redirect to, the next rule will redirect to your store or ad an orto the existing redirect rule. Either way, the it will not be discernible by visitors.

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