Redirecting my old domain to new

In two days my contract for old domain will finish and I want to do that when someone enters old URL it automically redirects him/her to new url. How to do that with Cloudflare. Old name is nad new is How to do it?

May I ask will you renew the old domain name or not?
If not, I am afraid below should not apply and would not work.

Furthermore, I see domain is using Cloudflare and may I ask is it added under your Cloudflare account and you can manage it, correct?

If yes, first make sure A www and A (or a CNAME, if using that setup) are both proxied :orange: at the DNS tab of your Cloudflare dashboard.

Next, navigate to Page Rules to create a Page Rule for redirection to your new domain

Are you trying to redirect all the requests from your old domain to the homepage of your new domain, or rather follow the requests like should go to the exact one on

Below articles can help you to setup a redirection using Cloudflare Page Rules from your old domain to your new domain:

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No, I don’t want to renew my old domain and I don’t have actually directly created on Cloudflare, because it’s in domain provider offer. I want to do something like that: when you go to it automatically redirects to their new website

Once that old domain expires, there’s no way to redirect it.

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