Redirecting my existing NS records to Cloudflare NS

I run a domain parking service, let’s call it domainparking.tld and users set their domain’s NS to point to:

  • ns1.domainparking.tld
  • ns2.domainparking.tld

now the problem is … few of these domains generate too much http traffic for me to handle, and I want to have Cloudflare handle these requests/domains.

In order for this domain to start using Cloudflare, I normally need to change domain’s NS to be:

but I don’t have access to main domain’s NS records, but I can set any records on my parking service.

Can I somehow redirect all requests to the Cloudflare’s nameservers above ? What I tried was: I created a zone for this domain on my parking server and I only defined two records, both of type “NS” (the Cloudflare ones above). That doesn’t work from what I can tell. Is there another way to do this ?

No, sorry. WHOIS is what tells the world which Name Server to hit for that domain. You might look into Cloudflare’s Managed DNS service, but I don’t know what they charge for it:

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