Redirecting issue

My website was built based on WP and it has a redirect issue. I do not have any idea why it redirects.
The website is

Go to SSL/TLS in your Cloudflare dashboard, change the setting to Full(Strict) if that’s not the case already, test your site again, and report back.

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I did as you said and now there is different issue, error 521 web server is down, emerged.

If you follow the error code linked in your response, you’ll find a detailed explanation of the problem and how to resolve it.

In short, Cloudflare is unable to connect to your origin (ie hosting) server. The likely cause is that you don’t have an SSL certificate properly configured on your hosting server.

To help troubleshoot this further, go to DNS in your Cloudflare dashboard and temporarily disable your Cloudflare proxy (ie change Proxy status for both and from :orange: Proxied to :grey: DNS-Only).

Doing so disables all Cloudflare features other than DNS resolution and make the request go directly to your hosting server. This will help to know exactly what’s happening on the hosting server. Once that’s sorted out, we can turn on the Cloudflare Proxy again.

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