Redirecting is not working

I want to redirect some website through Cloudflare and I changed the name server and put the appropriate URL but it’s not redirecting. May I please know what’s the issue. Thanks

Pretty sure it’s #1 or #3 in this list, let us know if this helps.

  1. Check that your domain’s DNS records are properly set up in Cloudflare. You should have an A record pointing to an IP address (it can be a dummy IP like if you’re only using Cloudflare for redirection).
  2. Set up Page Rules for redirection by going to the Cloudflare dashboard, selecting your site, and navigating to the “Rules” tab. Create a Page Rule with the setting “Forwarding URL” and input the source URL and destination URL.
  3. Make sure the DNS records for the URLs you are redirecting are proxied (orange cloud icon).

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