Redirecting from one domain to another

Hello! I’m trying to redirect other domains I have to the main domain. For instance: let’s say I have the main domain test dot com and also I have the domain test2 dot com, I need whenever someone type test2 dot com that person reach the main domain test dot com
I’ve tried to add my domains here in Cloudflare but somehow it doesn’t works the system says the domain doesn’t exists even though it’s already mine. None of them actually.
So basically I’m stuck trying to find a way to proceed with this redirection.
Thanks in advance.

If you want to do the redirection through Cloudflare, must be on Cloudflare DNS. doesn’t necessarily have to be on Cloudflare DNS but obviously it has to be up and functional. You can do the redirect through either Page Rules or Bulk Redirects.

As to the “domain doesn’t exist” situation, do the domains have nameservers currently? To set up the domain on Cloudflare DNS, it needs to be able to pull at least some basic data about the domains. If the domains have no nameserver configuration currently – why not? What registrar are they registered with? Did they never have nameservers, or were they removed? The registrar likely has its own default nameservers you should be able to turn (back) on for the domains

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