Redirecting from a domain-conflict with existing CNAME record

Hi, so I bought a domain through zoho because I want to have an email address of my own domain. I now want to redirect visitor who goes to that domain’s url to another website. I think it is possible through cloudfare but I don’t quite understand the instructions on zoho’s page. So I get to where I need to add CNAME and I believe I need to put in my root domain and the url of the webpage that I want to redirect too, however, cloudfare gives me an error about the CNAME record already exists. I think I need to delete one or all three of my top entries (the A and the two CNAME-see my screenshot). However, I am wondering if doing so would create problem with me sending and receiving emails? It looks like these three records were set up for email purpose?

Thank you so much for any pointer!

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