Redirecting to when using Cloudflare workers sites

We are hosting a static site on Cloudflare workers and have HSTS enabled. However, I can not get to redirect to using page rules following the Cloudflare tutorial here:

A. Workers Routes

On workers we have the following routes pointing to our worker:


B. Domain DNS

On the domain DNS there are two A records proxied through Cloudflare.

The first A record points to
The second A record points www to

Note I can not change the first record from to @, simply as the Cloudflare DNS interface is changes @ to when I save the record.

C. Page Rules

We have two rules, one for www redirect and one for caching everything.

The first rule:* forwarding URL 302 temporary redirect to$1

The second rule:*, cache everything.

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The @ symbol is in this case equal to your root domain. For the routes pointing to the worker, you could remove and*, as you want them to redirect to www. This should make the page rules for work, too.

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Thanks for the feedback Tom, but that didn’t work. https is still not being redirected to https://www.

Per your suggestion, we have set up one worker route at **

Then here are our two page rules, with the forwarding URL 301 redirect and the cache everything setting:

Our DNS A records for both @ and www proxied through cloudflare.

As far as HTTPS, we have

Always Use HTTPS (on)
HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) (on - max age 6 months)

I’m kind of at a loss here.


Try changing your worker route to *
That way there’s a dot in front that it needs to match, for www., and sub., etc. But won’t match because that doesn’t start with a dot.


Thanks! that fixed it.

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