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Hi All,
I’m very new to this whole DNS thing, as you’ll probably be able to tell. I bought a new domain and I’d like to redirect traffic from my old domain to my new domain. So, I set up a page rule:

Basically, should redirect all traffic to There isn’t any exception to this rule, I need all the traffic from the old site going to the new site.
However, this does not work. I’m pretty sure that it’s because I don’t have an A record set up on my old domain- I moved those A records from my old domain to my new domain after I switched the website over. So, how do I approach this situation? Do I need an A record on my old domain, even though nothing’s on it and I’m just redirecting it to my new domain?
Thanks in advance!

Everything looks good for your Page rules. You’d probably want to change that to 301 permanent, As for the redirect problem, is still setup under your web hosting or have you deleted it?

I use Adobe Portfolio, which lets me “connect a domain” by changing my A records. So I don’t know if I have hosting, per se. That actually makes a lot of sense why it’s not working now.
I could try to do this on Google Domains, where I bought the domain from, but I changed my nameservers over to CF’s, so it says that anything I do on Google Domains itself won’t work. Is there an alternative you can think of?
Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it!

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I don’t know much about Adobe Portfolio but if you can’t find any other way to do this, you could always find some free hosting company, and just to redirect from there.

Okay, makes sense.
Is there a way to redirect using a DNS record, or is hosting the only option?
Also, is it true that I can’t do anything on the Google Domains control panel and I have to do everything from CF because I switched my nameservers? Because it would be really easy to just redirect from the Google Domains dashboard, but I’m not sure if I can.

I’m joining this a bit late, but it sounds like you can take care of this here.

You need an A record here for noelindemuth and the www. Make them look like this:

The @ means your naked domain, and then a similar one for www.
The is Google DNS, but it doesn’t matter what you put there. The :orange: will make sure that your Redirect Page Rule will happen before anything else.

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Awesome, this did the trick.
Thank you both for your help!


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