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I’m trying to redirect the given domain to another domain being - yesterday I moved the domain over to Cloudflare so I can have all my website related things all in one place and I deleted the A Records with the original IPv4 Address which I no longer know. The website will not resolve, I’ve tried my own IPv4 address (probably not supposed to do) and public ones like which again I am not even sure is right and I cannot get it to resolve / redirect.

I’ve successfully gotten a subdomain of it to redirect to the correct place ( but just cannot get the main domain to do the same. Any help would be much appreciated thanks, I am really new to domain related stuff.

Was the site working with SSL prior to adding it to Cloudflare?

Have you tried from another browser and/or incognito mode?

You need to follow the steps outlined by tebex for configuring a custom domain first. Their guide also includes the steps to take at Cloudflare.

Afterwards you will have to contact Tebex to find out how to configure SSL, as their tutorial does not include the necessary steps.

Hey thanks for the timely response, I do not want to use my domain as the primary domain just simply as a redirect to the Tebex domain they already offer & I am currently using :slight_smile:

For example
When a user clicks on it redirects them to
When a user clicks on it redirects them to

In that case, you should create an aaaa record with name @ and content 100::, proxied, and delete all other records for that name.
Afterwards, you can create a Redirect Rule in Cloudflare using something like if hostname equals then....

You probably did something similar for your docs subdomain?

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That seems to have worked thanks a lot! I had a redirect rule already but I think the a records I was creating seemed to be making the link lead elsewhere… As for the docs, I did a cname record the name set as docs and content to the link above and then I did a redirect rule with the same values and that seemed to be working perfect.

If you use a redirect rule (and only a redirect), the content of the a or cname record doesn’t really matter. 100:: is a good value because it guarantees that there is no target, in case your redirect doesn’t work properly.

If it didn’t work before, you may just have forgotten to activate the proxy status. In that case, the redirect would not apply.

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You’re correct in saying I did not have the proxy status active, when I was doing my Tebex domain originally I was going to use my main domain for it and they said it is very important not to have proxy activated on there provided DNS Rules but I decided not to as Tebex only allows for you to use a subdomain; main domain for example and then my main domain was not leading anywhere and I couldn’t figure out how to do a redirect for it to lead directly to the shop.

Now with your given help I might actually go through and do it with the main domain and simply having the main domain redirecting to the shop; again thanks a lot for the help I am very new to all this domain stuff so I just find it mega confusing :sweat_smile:

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